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Aug 9, 2019 12:32:00 PM

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FATH is successful in opening up Central Eastern European markets. Since its market entry in 2007, a steadily increasing market share can be observed, which extends across various countries and results to a large factor from a growing automotive sector. In addition, consistent customer service and smart product solutions are the driving forces behind this development. In the future, further growth can be expected both in the Central Eastern European core countries and in new markets in the region.

Hungary – Budaörs 09.08.2019 – FATH has consolidated its position with a steadily growing market share in Central Eastern Europe. This shows that the strategic decision to expand the FATH Group in 2007 was forward-looking and that the establishment of the FATH Components Kft joint venture has created a strong partnership. With determined customer service, the company opens up the mostly automotive-driven markets in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. FATH Components Kft has achieved a stable position through its strategic approach, which is reflected in its own product range or participation in international trade fairs with its own exhibition stand.

“That was a long way to get here,” explains Viktor Agárdi, CEO of FATH Components Kft since the beginning of 2017 with his motto “Good enough is not good enough”. The cooperation originated in 2005, when the entrepreneur and later cooperation partner Andrea Agárdi‑Nyárai was able to win FATH as an industrial partner within the framework of a research project. In 2007 Agárdi‑Nyárai´s company became part of the FATH Group. Together, the partners decided to expand their activities to other markets in Central Eastern Europe. The company developed a specific sales model, which was adapted to the individual requirements of the different markets. Internal sales staff with country‑specific language skills work at the Budaörs site and form sales teams with local sales representatives in the respective countries. “This enables comprehensive local customer service as well as the realization of the advantages of a central location and economics of scale,” Agárdi continues.

The FATH Group’s many years of positive experience with the Hungarian location have meanwhile led to central services of the group being located in Budaörs.

“In Central Eastern Europe, there has been an automation trend for years that is driving the economy in mechanical engineering,” says Wido Fath, Managing Partner of the FATH Group, describing the market situation. “We recognized the market potential early on and therefore invested in the partnership,” Fath continues. The cooperation has paid off for the FATH Group, be it through synergies in joint structural projects within the group or through the internationalisation of the brand. In future, the business and sales model proven in Hungary will be applied to other markets such as Bulgaria and the Balkan region.

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